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Arun Menon

Thinker, Liberal. Animal lover.

Worked in clothing industry for 20 years, traveled and lived in different parts of the world. Finally in 2012 got into the tertiary care business in India. Currently busy licking my wounds in tertiary veterinary care.

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The Mangy State Of Veterinary Care In Getty

The Mangy State Of Veterinary Care In India

There's a lot of slip between the cup and the lip when it comes to veterinary care in India. The skill deficit is wide and the veterinary health care ecosystem suffers from complete inertia. If you are an informed owner of an animal, you'd know that that there are very few veterinarians you could take your pet to confidently. For the uninformed, it's a roll of the dice. And for the pet, it is sometimes a matter of life and death.
22/02/2016 9:06 AM IST