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Arun Jaitley

Finance Minister, Minister of Corporate Affairs and Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India

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What The Nation Expects From Senior Leaders Like Dr Manmohan Singh

I am sure if Dr. Singh would dispassionately analyse the present Government, he would really realize the India has a Government where the Prime Minister has the last word, where natural resources are allocated without corruption through transparent process, where industrialists no longer visit North Block to push files/decisions, where environmental clearances are dealt with in routine and not stalled on sadistic or corrupt considerations.
13/02/2016 3:16 PM IST

Why The Congress Is Wrong

The facts are clear. By a series of financial transactions, the leaders of the Congress Party created 'Chakravyuh' for themselves. They have to find their own exit route out of the 'Chakravyuh'.
10/12/2015 8:56 PM IST
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'The Prime Minister Himself Has Been The Worst Victim Of Ideological Intolerance'

Since 2002, the Prime Minister himself has been the worst victim of ideological intolerance. Their strategy is two-fold. Firstly, obstruct Parliament and do not permit reforms which will bring credit to Modi Government. Secondly, create, by structured and organized propaganda, an environment that there is a social strife in India. They wish to project India as an intolerant society. The truth is otherwise.
01/11/2015 8:25 PM IST

The NJAC Judgement--An Alternative View

Politician bashing is the key to the judgement. One learned judge argues that Shri L.K. Advani has opined that dangers of an Emergency like situation are still there. Civil society in India is not strong and, therefore, you need an independent judiciary. Another argues that it may be possible that the present Government does not favour appointment of persons with alternative sexuality as Judges of the High Court and the Supreme Court. Politician bashing is akin to the 9.00 PM television programmes.
18/10/2015 6:11 PM IST