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Arpita Das

Publisher, Yoda Press

Publisher, Yoda Press
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AAP's Propagandist Ad Is Speaking To The Delhi Man's Ultimate Fantasy

Watching the AAP ad made me think of other things too, like the fact that there are absolutely no women in Mr Kejriwal's cabinet, or of the CM's message on International Women's Day when he talked about how his wife and mother ran the house and supported him while he was out there fighting corruption. In that message, he also said something about how 'women fulfil their responsibilities honestly without making any fuss, which is what I saw the woman in this ad doing now.
21/06/2015 12:21 PM IST

Byomkesh--What's Pace Got To Do With It?

And if you think you knew who committed the murder before Byomkesh did, it's because Dibakar meant you to. How else would the characterisation of the young detective muddling through his first case be complete? As another friend who enjoyed the film said to me recently, 'the best detective stories are not whodunits but howdunits.'
16/04/2015 8:12 AM IST
Vogue India

Why The Vogue Empower Video Did Nothing For Me

Now, Padukone is a hellishly attractive woman, and can make even a boring advert worth watching. Did Homi Adajania have to ruin it beyond any possible redemption by using the one thing that is not her asset, i.e., her voice? A badly written, illogical, and at times, nonsensical script comes off sounding ridiculous delivered in Padukone's thin, flat monotone.
31/03/2015 9:08 AM IST