Arjun Sawhney

Managing Director, EGG Communications

Arjun Sawhney: Managing Director EGG Communications the parent company of The Communication Council (India's premier luxury Public Relations Consultancy), Green Goose Design (a luxury design house), Tailor Made Communications (a boutique digital marketing consultancy) and Periscope (the organisers of events such as Style D’Jour) Arjun Sawhney is the driving force behind the innovative and astounding work by his group of companies.

After five years of crunching numbers, he realized that his interest lay in the field of branding and brand marketing and thus began the journey that has made him a force to reckon with in the industry.

Armed with an MBA from the College of William & Mary, Virginia, USA; Arjun joined the ranks of investment bankers at Citibank in 1992. 1997 saw Arjun pursue his hearts desire and he moved to IPan as Associate Director, Public Affairs.

1999 was the year when he finally branched out on his own founding The Friday Corporation, funded by Krishna Sriram, Suketu Shah, Mukul Anand and Joe Morita of the Sony Family. After successfully establishing the company, in 2001 Arjun moved on and created The Communication Council, a leading boutique PR agency and Green Goose Design.

In 2010, Arjun realized the importance of an in house event agency to cater to the ever changing needs of his clients for their events and thus was born Periscope that specialized in conceptualizing events for TCC and GGD’s niche clientele.

In the last decade the importance of the digital medium has increased and to an intuitive mind like Arjun’s this would not missed. So 2012 saw the birth of Tailor Made Communications - a digital agency that catered to the new media of the new world.
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