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Arjun Krishnan

Law student, football writer

Arjun is 22, a Law student, and has written on the social, political, cultural and legal issues surrounding football for several football publications, including Firstpost, One Football, Outside of the Boot, and Sportskeeda.
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How Will Brexit Impact The English Premier League?

Sports in general and football in particular have been underpinned by EU law for decades -- it was held in Walrave v. Koch that EU law applies to football insofar as the game constitutes an economic activity -- so you would imagine that Brexit would have a significant impact on the English Premier League.
03/07/2016 8:42 AM IST
MANJUNATH KIRAN via Getty Images

Without A Strong Football Culture, Indian Football Has Little Scope For Improvement

He's right; for all the infrastructural and technical problems that plague Indian football, our dismissive mindset towards the game needs to be corrected if we are to stand the remotest chance of growing; because even if the AIFF does everything in its power (far-fetched, I know) to develop the game at its end, it wouldn't matter unless we take it upon ourselves to take the game forward.
13/07/2015 8:27 AM IST