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Archana Doshi

Entrepreneur, Food & Yoga Expert and Adventure Enthusiast

Archana Doshi is an Entrepreneur and Founder of Archana's Kitchen. She believes in eating local, healthy and being fit. And through her website and millions of social media followers she encourages people to think healthy and live a healthy lifestyle through her videos, recipes and articles. You can follow her on her website
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How Pranayama Can Help You Achieve Work-Life MichaelSvoboda via Getty Images

How Pranayama Can Help You Achieve Work-Life Balance

Work got more demanding recently, and I had no time to exercise in the daily hustle bustle. But there was one thing I made sure I took time out for, and that's pranayama. A 30-minute pranayama every day (I also practiced it through the day when I sat on my work desk or travelled by car) got me super-fit mentally and physically and helped me handle the pressures of work and home.
01/05/2016 1:01 AM IST
4 Reasons To Eat More minadezhda via Getty Images

4 Reasons To Eat More Oats

Oats are packed with dietary fibre -- they contain more fibre than any other grain -- and contain vitamins of the B-family like B-1, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, vitamin B-6 and folate. These vitamins play a vital role in metabolising carbohydrates, proteins, fats and nucleic acids from your food.
21/01/2016 8:16 AM IST
5 Quick Health-Boosting Tricks For Busy Entrepreneurs And Martin Barraud via Getty Images

5 Quick Health-Boosting Tricks For Busy Entrepreneurs And Professionals

As an entrepreneur there is always a slight sense of panic and a rush to meet deadlines. Work always takes priority. We tend to forget that our body and mind are going through extreme stress even as we fight our exhaustion to stick to our punishing schedules. As you read ahead, you will probably notice right away that most of the strategies listed below take little time, are easy to do and are well within your reach.
25/09/2015 8:21 AM IST
4 Simple Ways To Make Good Food

4 Simple Ways To Make Good Food Choices

With all the media brouhaha these days about processed food, MSG, genetically modified crops and more, a lot of us are in a state of mild panic. Despite this few of us take the time to understand what food is all about to our body and mind.
28/06/2015 8:36 AM IST
How To Clear A Stuffy Nose With Jala

How To Clear A Stuffy Nose With Jala Neti

Practicing the Jala Neti technique helps remove excess mucous and bacteria and relieves nasal and sinus blockages. It refreshes the brain, face, eyes and improves mental clarity. It helps to get relief from allergies, asthma, sinusitis and headaches.
27/02/2015 8:15 AM IST
6 Immunity-Boosting (And Tasty) Home Image by ShutterStock

6 Immunity-Boosting (And Tasty) Home Remedies

When I was growing up, my mother always used a home remedy as a first step to treat a seasonal cough, cold or upset tummy. Now that I am a mother of two children, medicines are not my first preference for every little ailment either. Most of the ingredients for these tried-and-tested home remedies are almost always in our kitchens and many of them are super-easy to make and taste delicious too.
05/02/2015 8:34 AM IST