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Arash Fazli

Independent journalist

Dr. Arash Fazli is an independent journalist. He has worked as a Researcher with the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity, a non-profit research and educational organization and as a full-time journalist with The Hindu and The Times of India.
How Iran Made Me An fpdress via Getty Images

How Iran Made Me An Indian

Perhaps you could say it was the Islamic Republic of Iran that made me an Indian. If it wasn't for the Islamic Revolution I would probably have grown up in Tehran rather than Hyderabad. When the Revolution broke out, my father was an Iranian student in Delhi who had just got his MBA. He could have looked forward to a prosperous life at home. But post-1979, he, along with his 300,000 co-religionists, knew that being a Baha'i henceforth was reason enough for the state to arrest or even execute you.
04/09/2015 8:08 AM IST