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Apoorv Shah


Apoorv Shah is a lawyer who is currently working in the education sector. He is a certified mediator and an occasional blogger. His other interests are reading and debating. He blogs at <a href="" rel="nofollow">My Two Cents</a>.
An Open Letter To Mr Hardik

An Open Letter To Mr Hardik Patel

Depending from where you are looking at it, reservations, in their current form, might be a problem for some and a lifeline for others. One thing I clearly don't understand is, if you think reservations are a problem, why are you asking for it? In a television interview you said that the government should either give reservation to the patidars or remove reservation all together. This is like saying "Give me a piece of the cake or throw the entire cake away." On one hand you are saying that reservation causes problems and on the other hand you are demanding it too. If the Patidar community gets reservations, it will still be a problem for the rest of the citizens and the Patidar community will go from being against the problem to being a part of it.
28/08/2015 9:46 AM IST