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Aparna Jain

Author - OWN IT: Leadership Lessons from Women Who Do

Aparna Jain is the author of OWN IT: Leadership Lessons from Women Who Do and knows a thing or two about work and leadership. She has spent over twenty-three years in the technology and media domains, where she has held leadership roles that drove marketing strategy, brand and business development. She is also India’s first certified Integral Master Coach(TM) and works with corporate heads in Indian industry.

She is passionate about championing women leaders in the workplace, which requires working with men as much as women, and empowering them to overcome ‘women challenges’.

She is an unabashed feminist - and no, she is not against men. Just against Tinda. (you know, that vegetable)

When not coaching, Aparna loves reading a good mystery, listening to Coldplay and Bach, and travelling. In Integral terminology, she is an Ennea 7/ 8 Wing and an Upper Righter.
Aparna Jain

Soccer In Scarves And Other Incredible Ways Iran Won Me Over

The visions I had about Iran when packing for my recent visit were a sordid mix of oppression from Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis and anti-American and Ayatollah Khomeini posters staring fiercely at me from every street corner. While Iran and India share a common historical and cultural bond, recent media reports had affected my perception. But my 10 days in Iran over Nowruz--the Iranian New Year break--left me astounded, impressed, delighted and enriched. And a little frustrated too.
21/04/2016 8:27 AM IST