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Anushree Nande

Writer, editor and proofreader

Anushree Nande is a Mumbai-based writer, editor and proofreader with MA & BA Creative Writing degrees from Edge Hill University. She has short stories, essays and poems published on platforms like CommuterLit, When Women Waken, Flash Fiction Online,Litro, Thresholds, Yellow Chair Review, 3AM and Cadaverine among others. Anushree is an editor at Football Paradise and 101 Words and also writes about football, books, movies, TV for websites, blogs and literary magazines. Her micro-fiction collection, 55 Words, is now available on Amazon as a part of Underground Voices' E-Series, found here.

Feeling The Power Of Words At The Jaipur Lit Fest

Writing is by its very nature an optimistic and isolated act -- sitting with your pen and paper or typewriter or laptop in a world of your own and hoping that what you are creating will resonate with readers. By the looks of a festival like the JLF, the largest free literary festival in the world, that continues to grow and share this evident love for words year after year, it is safe to say that stories and storytellers are safe...
14/02/2016 7:58 AM IST
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Mirror, Mirror On The Screen: What Fairy Tale Adaptations Say About Us

In the original versions, everything happens seemingly by chance, whereas "cause and effect" are an integral part of our current reinterpretations. There are far and few deliciously bad characters, characters evil for the sake of evil and the love of power and dominion. In our current mindset, there is a need to humanise many of the villains, to make us feel sympathy for their plight.
08/01/2016 8:32 AM IST