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Anubhuti Krishna

Writer. Traveller. Blogger

I am Anubhuti, a thirty-five year old mother of two beautiful girls. I have worked as a training manager and a freelance training consultant in the past. On a break from work to be with my growing children, I love to travel, write, read and cook. I also dabble in photography and volunteer with Pratham Books.

I blog at and actively contribute feature and travel pieces to The Hindu. My other travel writings have been published in The Week. Besides feature and travel I sometimes pen short stories too, many of which have been published in Femina’s fast fiction series.
Redeeming Ram For The Banishment Of

Redeeming Ram For The Banishment Of Sita

Although I believed in most of what the <em>Ramayana</em> stood for--virtue, devotion, obedience, goodness, karma--I could not quite come to terms with Ram. Somehow, he was too good to be true. The non-conformist in me could never subscribe to his goodness. It always felt unnatural. In any case, what good is the goodness of a man who banishes his pregnant wife?
28/03/2015 8:14 AM IST
A Few Good

A Few Good Men

In a country that thrives on power, position and money, it is impossible for those who have none of these to stand up against those who have all of the above, and more.
02/03/2015 8:07 AM IST
Sex Education: How Soon Is Too

Sex Education: How Soon Is Too Soon?

'Where do you use Stayfree, mamma?' asked my five-year-old as I hurriedly dressed her that morning. We were at Gir and had to shortly leave for Gandhinagar. In the rush of packing and unpacking, the packet must have been left unattended and she had probably seen it.
27/02/2015 8:14 AM IST
Love Thy Neighbour – Or At Least Know Their

Love Thy Neighbour – Or At Least Know Their Name

Some weeks ago, Mishti, my older one, went missing. There was another girl with her; together they had gone to collect money for a raffle and had not returned until late in the evening. The other child's mother called me to check if I knew where they had been. Although I had no idea where they were, I was confident they would be fine. What could happen to them inside the confines of the housing complex?
19/02/2015 8:17 AM IST
Kismet, Karma, And One Nursery

Kismet, Karma, And One Nursery Seat

If getting the forms was a back-breaking, hand-numbing exercise, filling them up was nothing short of a nightmare: some forms were to be filled in black ink, some in blue; some schools needed passport-sized picture of the child, others wanted stamp-sized pictures of the entire family; some required immunisation card, others wanted a wellness certificate from the paediatrician. And yet others demanded us to list our three-year-old child's achievements.
01/02/2015 8:12 AM IST
When Brown Is

When Brown Is Beautiful

All of four then, she walked up to me and asked me why was she brown when her best friend was pink. That day, I realised what my mother must have gone through every time I asked her this question.
22/01/2015 8:40 AM IST