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Anubhuti Krishna

Writer. Traveller. Blogger

I am Anubhuti, a thirty-five year old mother of two beautiful girls. I have worked as a training manager and a freelance training consultant in the past. On a break from work to be with my growing children, I love to travel, write, read and cook. I also dabble in photography and volunteer with Pratham Books.

I blog at and actively contribute feature and travel pieces to The Hindu. My other travel writings have been published in The Week. Besides feature and travel I sometimes pen short stories too, many of which have been published in Femina’s fast fiction series.
The Saving Grace Of The Stanford Sex Assault

The Saving Grace Of The Stanford Sex Assault Case

Much has been written and said about the Stanford sexual assault case, in which the attacker got off with a light sentence. What stood out in this whole incident, however, was the grit of the girl. The fact that she decided to let her ordeal be known to the public via a powerful letter. That she had the support of her family and society in doing so.
15/06/2016 11:27 AM IST
That Heady Feeling Called

That Heady Feeling Called Love

Pardon me if the subject of the post sounds clichéd but I am a die-hard romantic and this is the season of love: the air
14/02/2016 7:58 AM IST
Are You A Pigeon Or A

Are You A Pigeon Or A Parrot?

While a pigeon poses patiently for hours (it really does), looks into your camera (even into your eyes sometimes) and does not object to its personal bubble being invaded, a parrot is almost never available for you. It does not let you come close, it does not pose, it gets really offended even if you direct a lens towards it...
09/02/2016 2:07 PM IST
Reconnecting With Pakistan Through Stories And

Reconnecting With Pakistan Through Stories And Songs

While I was growing up, one of the few things my rather quiet mother would often talk about was her time in Amritsar. She had spent the first few years of her married life there and was, understandably, very fond of the place. Among many other stories the one that came out most often was how she and my father would only listen to Radio Pakistan, and watch only Pakistani TV...
27/01/2016 8:10 AM IST
Khajuraho Beyond The

Khajuraho Beyond The Erotica

To atone for the sins of his unwedded mother, the king Chandravarman laid the foundation of the temples in Khajuraho. For generations the Chandela kings added to the temples of Khajuraho -- each structure more magnificent than the other -- until the fall of the dynasty. With the passage of time, the temples were buried under thick forests and remained lost for 500 years until a British officer stumbled across them in the 19th century. And now here we are, ready to make our own discoveries.
29/12/2015 2:43 PM IST
Why I'm Not Sending My Kids To Classes Or Camps This Winter

Why I'm Not Sending My Kids To Classes Or Camps This Winter Vacation

I dread vacations, I really do. And, I think, almost every mother does. I order books, I buy crayons and colour pencils and paints. I pull out all the birthday gifts that I have successfully stowed away for months. And yet, when the vacations begin, I find myself terribly ill-equipped to handle the girls. Perhaps that is why, no sooner than the holidays start, most mothers, like me, want to pack the children off to some camp or the other.
24/12/2015 8:11 AM IST