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Anu Gupta

PR Professional, writer

A public relations professional, Anu has spent the last fifteen years between India, Dubai and Singapore. She has been associated with some top notch PR consultancies in these countries and has played a key role from their start up stages. Having started her career with Genesis PR (now Genesis- Burson- Mastellar), she moved on to play a key role in the growth of The PRactice, a Bangalore-based boutique PR firm from its inception. Her next move saw her set-up the regional operations (South India), headquartered in Bangalore (India) for Hanmer & Partners, now Manning Salvage & Lee- Hanmer (MSL-Hanmer). Hanmer went onto become one of India’s top five Public Relations consultancies. In 2005, after moving to Dubai Anu set up her own PR firm- Watermelon PR. A boutique Public Relations firm, the agency grew into a full-fledged entity handling the Corporate PR accounts of some major clients in areas like retail, banking & finance, healthcare & lifestyle, education, etc. in the Middle East region leading a 15-member team. Watermelon PR recently completed a decade in Dubai and is one of the fastest growing local PR firms. In December 2009, she moved from Dubai to Singapore and played a key role in setting up the Singapore operations of Watermelon. After taking a two-year break, Anu now spends her time undertaking freelance writing assignments for corporates and lifestyle portals.  Corporates- Content for newsletters, fact-sheets, press material, bylined articles, drafts for social media updates, blogs  Lifestyle Portals- Topics varying from parenting, health & fitness, leisure, home & décor o The Asian Parent (Singapore) o Polka Café (India) When she is not writing for someone else, Anu writes for her own blog- Wize and otherwise. Her favourite pastime is to plan activities with her two girls (8 years and 3 years) be it a trail at McRitchie Reservoir, cycling at Gardens by the Bay, a run with her 8- year old, or a simple game of domino’s with her 3-year old. She is a Singapore PR and lives here with her banker husband and two girls.
Why Old-School PR Skills Matter In A Digital

Why Old-School PR Skills Matter In A Digital World

"Yay!" shouted a colleague. "We just got mentioned in the Insta# post of xxx blogger. I am just waiting for the FB post next." Four years ago, when I was at the helm of work in PR, this surely wasn't category A media for clients. Even today I'd like to believe it is not, but I am open to debate.
22/06/2016 1:22 PM IST
Our Amazing Annual Kid Exchange

Our Amazing Annual Kid Exchange Programme

Summer holidays typically last two months, but in our household they span over four months. This trend has been around even before my kids got to school age. So what's the deal?
06/06/2016 8:42 AM IST
My Three-Year Break From Work Empowered

My Three-Year Break From Work Empowered Me

As I crawl back to corporate life, I find myself reflecting on the three years' gap I took. Prior to these three years, my life was like that of any busy working woman trying hard to strike that balance. I never questioned the long hours at works--servicing big brands and being part of pitches and launches was the agenda then. But after all these years of working, there was a strong 'inner' call to slow down.
07/04/2016 8:28 AM IST