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Antara Kothari Pandit

Vice President – Business Development, Kothari Industrial Corporation Limited; Blogger - The Bubbly Blogcast

My name is Antara Kothari Pandit. I live in Chennai, India with my husband and 2.5 year old son, with another bundle of joy on the way. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Purdue University, West Lafayette (2002-2005). Work History Since 2011, I have been working with my family business, Kothari Industrial Corporation Limited (KICL), as Vice President – Business Development. KICL is a 50+ year old Fertilizer manufacturer, headquartered in Chennai. In 2015, Kothari Gemini Agro Industries (KGAI), where I am Managing Partner, was formed, under which I started a Drip Irrigation project. Prior to this, I worked as a Relationship Manager for 5 years with iSolve Technologies, an IT Services company in Chennai. Hobbies Apart from being my son’s #1 fan and spending a good part of the day with him, I like to play Tennis. I am also an avid mystery reader (favourites being John Grisham and Stephen King) and horror movie watcher. How The Bubbly Blogcast came into existence I have always had a passion for writing. My favourite past time when I was younger, used to be scribbling poems in my notebook. Once I became a mother and work slowed down a little, I started researching various blogs and topics that I was interested in writing on. I was keen on writing to help people. In January 2017, The Bubbly Blogcast was born and I am now an enthusiastic and passionate blogger. About The Bubbly Blogcast Unlike any of the other run-of-the-mill mom blogs, The Bubbly Blogcast does not focus on typical mom life facts. It does not give you advice on breastfeeding and the various positions, sleep patterns for babies at different ages, colic to-do’s, food recipes etc. This is a blog for all couples thinking about having kids, moms-to-be, first time moms, veteran moms and in general moms all over, who are trying to juggle being a mom along with work, brunch plans with friends and more. It is meant to be a light and humorous blog, integrated with my personal experiences, thus providing a platform to talk about the real everyday issues moms face. Website Facebook Twitter Instagram @thebubblyblogcast LinkedIn