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Anoop Poonia

India Programme Officer, Climate Action Network - South Asia (CANSA)

Anoop Poonia is working as India Programme Officer with Climate Action Network - South Asia (CANSA), a network of 145 climate and sustainability NGOs in South Asia. He is leading policy projects on low-emission, climate-resilient development in India.
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WTO Rains On India's Solar Power Plan, Sets Back Climate Action

The World Trade Organization (WTO) recently ruled against India's "buy-local" provisions for large solar projects, which are entitled to subsidy and assured government procurement if the equipment is manufactured locally. Filed by the US in 2013, the case was brought to remove any disadvantage to imported solar equipment in India. The WTO has a history of supporting anti-climate and anti-environment rulings, with Canada recently losing a similar case on renewable energy and incentives for local firms in Ontario.
01/03/2016 8:11 AM IST