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Anmol Dar

Managing Director and Chairman, Superbrands

Anmol Dar has been in the business of branding and communications for over 45 years, and has had a distinguished record of achievements. He has several national and international awards like the Asian Hall of Fame, Creative Director of the Year, Copywriter of the Year etc. to his credit. He has worked on brands such as Good Year, Gillette, Nestle, JK, Maggi, Milk Maid, India tourism, Amul, Anacin, Siemens, Digjam and several other influential brands and has variously been a Creative Director, President and Chief Executive of advertising agencies such as ASP, Chaitra (now Leo Burnett), RK Swamy BBDO, McCann and Frank Simoes.

He was instrumental in bringing Superbrands to India, in 2002. In the near-fifteen years since, under his leadership, the project has attained an illustrious place in the brand management turf. Anmol has been responsible for maintaining the august status Superbrands enjoys in the country. His efforts have also ensured that the participating brands receive adequate exposure among their  stakeholders. The Superbrands book, today, is seen as an excellent guide for many professionals, and in fact, content from Superbrands books is used in several management books, as well.