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Anjita Roychaudhury

Press Attachée & Liaison Officer, Consulate General of France in Kolkata

A former broadcast Journalist with extensive diplomatic and liaison experience gathered in the last 14 years. I am currently working as a Press Attaché and Liaison officer, with the French Diplomatic corps and my immediate profile includes, handling all Political & social matters of the French government in the eastern and north eastern region of India. I have been an active broadcast journalist, Anchor and News Editor at some of the most respected media houses in India - CNN IBN & the India Today group - prior to this commitment. I am a communication specialist and a focus media manager, working as a Diplomatic liaise for the Government of France, working for socially relevant and deep impact projects for various interest groups linked with the French government in India. I have also been part of various initiatives of the UNICEF program in the Middle East and have contributed to their communication efforts on a consistent basis. I am an active member of the NGO group, PUBLIC: People United for Better Living in Calcutta and as a DELPHI key Panel Member and ideator, I have been instrumental in building upon advocacy for Smart City Planning and sustainable development goals with government and social actors. On a much larger canvas, I am in love with the smell of old and new books. I live in them. I write when I find time and I travel when my pocket mends its’ holes. I am a self-styled mother and an equally self-styled wife, both identities fighting to outline the person within. I am in the modern context, deeply areligious. I enjoy my kitchen garden as much as I do the smell of a freshly brewed cup of Darjeeling. I am not very comfortable with big words that do not add to my understanding of a subject. I am based out of Calcutta at the moment but I trace my roots back to Delhi and then Bombay. Do look me up if you find my writing curious enough, since I do hope someday to find my name sitting on a very busy looking bookshelf!
The Deep Dark World Of Japanese

The Deep Dark World Of Japanese Writing

I have learnt that evil can be beautiful. That hate must be given a long leash. That love can be ugly. This genius of the Japanese mind finds release in the printed word. But then "evil" is too strong a word for what contemporary Japanese authors work with. They don't pen evil, they pen the fallible, the human heart, they write of its innocent horrors... and then they make it sublime.
17/01/2016 8:29 AM IST
Behind The Magic Of Chhou

Behind The Magic Of Chhou Masks

The artists, behind their glorious masks and meditative looks, hide thin, rickety, malnourished frames. They look happy somehow. This evening has been in the making for months. The artisans will be paid, sheltered and fed for a week. They all seem upbeat at the prospect. Food for dancing. Such short-lived exuberance makes the word bourgeoisie hang in mid air, silently floating on top of your head...
05/01/2016 8:25 AM IST