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Anjali Kirpalani

Best-selling author and co-founder of Epic Communications

Anjali Kirpalani is the best-selling author of the recently released Written in the Stars and Never Say Never and co-founder of Epic Communications, a Mumbai based PR and Marketing agency.

The former Editorial Head, Mumbai of Born in India, this 27 year old lived in South Africa for eight years and moved back to India in 2008. She was a radio jockey at Lotus fm, part of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). She has also scripted three radio dramas for Lotus fm. She has written for publications like O, The Oprah magazine in South Africa and Yuva in India. Her short story, ‘Destiny’ has won two competitions.

Anjali was also an Anchor/Producer at ET NOW, India’s leading business news channel. Having completed her Masters in English Literature from the University of Mumbai in 2012, she lives to read, write, travel and discover new places. Her short story is also included in the anthology '25 Strokes of Kindness’ released on 23rd October 2013 by Grapevine India.
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So You Think You Can Write

So what's your advice to upcoming writers? It's a question I've been asked in every interview I've done so far. And my answer is usually concise; believe in yourself, write every day and never give up. While the short version is true enough, there's just so much you learn once your book hits the stands, that no one prepares you for.
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