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Anisha Motwani

Business strategist, speaker and columnist.

Anisha Motwani draws from her rich experience of over 25 years in diverse industries - advertising, auto-manufacturing, financial and health services.

She is known for her exceptional ability to turn deep insight into theory; and theories into action. And she has been doing it repeatedly. Often turning somber categories into vibrant ones.

Anisha is a member of CII’s Executive Marketing Committee, Executive Committee of Indian Society of Advertisers & All India Management Association. She was voted as one of the ’50 Most Powerful Women in Indian Business’ by Business Today for three consecutive years since 2009. She was also recognized amongst the ‘Top 50 Women in Media, Marketing and Advertising’ by Impact & Colors for 3 consecutive years since 2011. She has been conferred ‘Women at Work Leadership Award 2011’ by Asian Confederation of Business and Udyog Ratan by the Institute of Economic Studies amongst many others.

She has been publishing her point of view on gender diversity, organization transformation, business, consumer and digital trends in – a portal of insights she founded. She also writes for the Economic Times, Business Standard, India Today and Huffington Post.

An MBA, Anisha studied in Sophiya College and lives in Delhi with her husband Mahinder and children - Prerna & Prithviraj.
The Balancing Act Of The BFF

The Balancing Act Of The BFF Mom

Those two good-looking women you were checking out at the fitness centre today? They dance to the same tune at home too (sometimes it's the latest Beyonce hit, other times it's what Shahid is jiving to). And if you were able to take a peek into their vanity cabinet at home, you wouldn't be able to tell if it's one or the other who shops at the Body Shop...
06/07/2016 7:47 AM IST
‘I'm Not Needy. I'm Wanty': Are Brands

‘I'm Not Needy. I'm Wanty': Are Brands Listening?

Consumers are no longer looking to fill need gaps. They don't have unmet "needs," strictly speaking. And, in their efforts to fulfill their greeds, consumers are willing to leave no stone unturned. To paraphrase an old adage, consumers are now saying, "I always live within my budget, even if I have to borrow to do so."
11/04/2016 8:26 AM IST
Titans Of Tech Abroad, Wimps At Home: Can We Meet These 10 Challenges Of Going

Titans Of Tech Abroad, Wimps At Home: Can We Meet These 10 Challenges Of Going Digital?

While heavyweight blue-chip Indian tech companies are busy staging digital revolutions in offshore markets, our digital infrastructure back at home remains a crumbling sub-optimal affair. But even as conversations on going digital start to increasingly mainstream, there are questions on how exactly does one go about it? For the digital opportunity, it seems, is riddled with a veritable minefield of dilemmas and challenges.
03/02/2016 8:18 AM IST
The Colours Of

The Colours Of Meaning

It's clear that colours are imbued with meaning, based on context, culture and time. But I want to pause for a minute and ask the reverse question: is it that colours have meaning, or is it meaning that we ascribe colour to? Why, and how? Take the cacophony surrounding intolerance in the country right now. How do some people ascribe saffron to right wing intolerance? And how do some others imbue extremism with the colour green?
24/12/2015 8:11 AM IST
Why The Feminisation Of The Workplace Is Good News For

Why The Feminisation Of The Workplace Is Good News For Everyone

There's something happening at our workplaces. There's more democracy, more participation within the organisation, more engagement with clients and vendors, less aggression... together, these trends point at a gradual "feminisation" of our offices.
15/10/2015 8:19 AM IST
Goodbye Prince

Goodbye Prince Charming

Fairy tales are intended to teach certain lessons to children. Many of the classics tell the story of a powerful, gallant and handsome man swooping in to rescue a damsel in distress. Once in the protective embrace of her prince charming, the defenceless princess would live happily ever after. Fortunately, modern retellings of these old tales have started diverging significantly from the formula. We need to take a cue from this in our real lives too.
14/10/2015 8:11 AM IST
What Is Your 'Cool'

What Is Your 'Cool' Quotient?

Cool is exclusive, the opposite of mass. It thrives on the attitude that if your neighbours are in on it, it can't be cool. It's morphed into gadgets, technology, cars, people, music or parties accessible to few but coveted by many. This is where the new trends of individual designs, customisation and personalisation are getting a foothold. The minute everyone has the same gadget, you have to admit that you're just not as cool any longer.
06/09/2015 8:43 AM IST
Lalita And Lolita: The Two Halves Of The Indian Woman

Lalita And Lolita: The Two Halves Of The Indian Woman Consumer

This new woman is an assimilation of western influences as well as her traditional culture. She is a hybrid who despite of all kinds of changes is able to strike a balance among diverse spheres of her life. What implications do these trends have for marketers, products and brands? With gender being the most common form of segmenting and targeting used by marketers in general and advertisers in particular, the multi-dimensional personality of the new women is posing to be a big challenge for brands.
14/08/2015 8:16 AM IST
Why I Love

Why I Love Lahore

I was excited about finally crossing over the line and meeting our neighbour, so similar to us yet always marked as "other". But I must admit that beneath this excitement lurked a nervousness stoked by the hostility and suspicion of our politicians and media. It didn't help that family members and friends were apprehensive: "What? Lahore? Are you sure? Think again!"
12/07/2015 12:47 AM IST
7 Types Of Mediocre

7 Types Of Mediocre Workers

I am a firm believer that all human beings are born talented but circumstances and self-sabotaging traits make the best of people slip into mediocrity at some stage in their life. So, like it or not, the word "mediocre" describes a large chunk of the workforce. But not all mediocre people are the same. Over years of observing and interacting with them, I have identified seven distinct types of mediocre workers.
05/07/2015 8:28 AM IST
A Farewell To

A Farewell To Formality

I went to a reception last evening and it struck me how not so long ago, it was impossible to imagine that the bride and groom would be readily mingling with the guests, relaxed and at ease with themselves and their environment. That they would step down from the elevated ornate seat was unthinkable. In fact, gone also are the throne-like chairs of yore, replaced instead by a loveseat of some sort.
25/05/2015 8:15 AM IST
Texting And The Dying Art Of

Texting And The Dying Art Of Conversation

We no longer give the art of conversation the respect it is due. Omnipresent and all-pervasive, mobile phones have hijacked our lives. And this is not just when we are awake. The blinking red light at night is creating sleep and mood disorders for many.
05/02/2015 8:24 AM IST
Is India Ready For Women In Public

Is India Ready For Women In Public Places?

Corporate organisations today have special cells to address women's grievances and safety concerns, and deal with harassment; but civic bodies seem oblivious to changing gender dynamics, to the fact that women are shouldering the country's economic burden in public life about as much as men.
17/01/2015 8:18 AM IST
Mother's Down-Aging & Daughter's

Mother's Down-Aging & Daughter's Speed-Aging

And gone are the days when a mother prided herself on being that authority figure. If she appears younger today, it is mainly because she has a younger outlook, not simply because she looks young!
07/01/2015 8:14 AM IST