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Anika Parashar

COO, La Femme Vertical, Fortis healthcare Ltd.

Anika Parashar is the COO of Fortis La Femme. Under her leadership, the chain of women and child hospitals plans to expand across India becoming a one-stop shop for all women’s healthcare needs. Focusing on providing clinical excellence, superlative healthcare solutions and providing opportunities for women to increase their presence in the corporate landscape. She has over 15 years of experience in the industry, working with reputable organizations such as Mahindra & Mahindra, The National Childbirth Trust, BSKYB, Channel 4 and Old World Hospitality, to name a few. She has been creating innovative brands in women care and women’s health in India for the past decade.  Anika, along with her business partner, came into the Fortis fold with the idea of Mamma Mia – A Mom’s World. This is now India’s first and only comprehensive holistic health center, providing information, fitness and wellness solutions for women who are trying to conceive children, expecting or new mothers, all under one roof. Mamma Mia now spans over 7 Fortis hospitals and is growing exponentially each year. Additionally, Anika is the founder of ORGAN – Organ Giving and Receiving Awareness Network, which spreads awareness about Organ Donation and Transplant. Apart from connecting recipients to donors and engaging in large-scale awareness campaigns, they have just launched India’s first Transplant Guide, which is an all-inclusive virtual handbook of all transplant centres in India, along with lots of related information a transplant patient may require. Having lived in Hong Kong, India, Canada and the United Kingdom and having travelled all over the world, Anika has immense exposure and knowledge cemented with her vast array of qualifications. These include Certified Counselor by Samaritans UK, Child Birth Educator from the College of Reproductive Holistic Health UK and Lamaze USA, Pre and Postnatal Massage Therapist from the College of Reproductive Holistic Health UK, Reflexologist from the Indian Association of Reflexology, Reiki practitioner from Reiki India Research Centre and Certified Doula from Childbirth International USA, Lactation and Infant and Young Child Feeding Counselor from BPNI, UNICEF and WHO India, among many other qualifications. However, her biggest qualification is she is the mother of Nirvaan and Inayat who continue to inspire and motivate her everyday. Anika enjoys writing her blog , painting, cooking and dreaming…