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Anand Kumar Padmanaban

Vice President (India Operations) For PowerOne

Anand Kumar Padmanaban is a certified manager(CM) from ICPM USA and is a senior professional with over 20 years experience in High Technology and related Professional Services businesses. He is currently Consultant Vice President (India Operations) For PowerOne, an innovation driving smart metering services company. He is also an executive director for HR.Com India and is on the board of directors of Decision Intelligence Gmbh, Harmonize Pvt. Ltd and Sociobator creatives.

His expertise is in the areas of New Ventures, Business Model and Value Innovation, the effective use of technology/IT, Business Transformation and Professional Services Business Management. Anand has managed international technology transfer and collaboration agreements with companies in Europe and the US. Anand holds degrees in Electronics, Industrial Engineering and Management. Anand has been actively involved with the GMCI and CII and currently is a co-organiser for House Of Genius Bangalore which is a crowd sourced problem solving platform for startups being run out of the IIM Bangalore. Anand also is a trustee with the People’s Education Society in Chennai and volunteers by running the Rural Employability Advancement Programs (REAP) and coaching programs for the NGO. Anand has also written articles and been profiled by national magazines like DataQuest and Voice and Data.
How Well Do You ‘Fit' Into Your

How Well Do You ‘Fit' Into Your Job?

Have you ever met somebody who is really good at their job and blissfully content to keep doing that job? Have you wondered how it could be that they are not ambitious and don't want to move up the ladder? I would dare to say that it's a great thing to have resources who are content holding the plug in the wall.
15/06/2015 8:11 AM IST
For Success, Help Others

For Success, Help Others Succeed

How does helping others get better help you? What is its relevance in a dog-eat-dog world? These are some of the questions that I have been pondering over.
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How Positive Self-Beliefs Can Lead To Taking Positive

How Positive Self-Beliefs Can Lead To Taking Positive Risks

Your beliefs are critical since they are the keys that unlock the winning or losing door, no matter what challenges you face. Since your beliefs rule your life, it is scary to realise that so many beliefs, particularly those about our abilities, have been formulated and reinforced by others.
25/02/2015 8:02 AM IST
5 Ideas To Make Your Startup

5 Ideas To Make Your Startup Fail

I often meet wannabe entrepreneurs who want to quit their jobs and do something cool. They believe that entrepreneurship provides a romantic path to freedom, an escape from the monotony of being a worker bee. There might be some truth to these visions, but the purpose of this article is to share some perspective - based on my own experiences - on what not to do when you are starting up and how not to get carried away. Here are five common fallacies that could spell trouble for your business.
10/02/2015 8:48 AM IST