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Amitabh Dubey

Co-head of an emerging markets research firm

Amitabh is co-head of the India team of an emerging market research firm and focuses on issues of politics and governance.
Fact Checking Modi's Times Now

Fact Checking Modi's Times Now Interview

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to Times Now, his first TV interview since taking office, on 27 Jun 2016. As with his Wall Street Journal interview the month before, Modi covered a lot of ground, from economic reform to domestic politics to foreign policy. Here we specifically examine some of his claims regarding his ambitious development agenda.
29/06/2016 8:28 PM IST
The Tall Tales Of Arvind

The Tall Tales Of Arvind Panagariya

There's something about serving in the Modi government that converts seemingly sensible people into inept spinmeisters. Consider the respected Columbia University economist and NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Arvind Panagariya. In an 8 May 2016 Business Standard op-ed titled The turnaround in infrastructure, he reeled off the Modi government's many accomplishments in this arena. Following which he warned critics to "ponder the fate of infrastructure in the country had the previous administration continued." Except, if anybody bothers to look closer, Panagariya's claims turn out to be irrelevant, misleading or simply false.
11/05/2016 11:46 AM IST