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Amit Vaidya

Author (Holy Cancer), Founder (Healing Vaidya Foundation)

If one word were to sum up everything that Amit Vaidya stands for today – it is the quest for acquiring and sharing knowledge. Always finding room to learn through his rich experiences and unique circumstances, Amit has lived his life as proof – to accept and achieve and thus to inspire.

As a cancer survivor who reversed his destiny from stage IV to remission, Amit has taken a journey that many have been unable to return from successfully. It is his will, his spirit and most importantly, that thirst for life and his building knowledge that provided him this second life. Over the past 10 years, Amit has served not just as a patient but as a caregiver and medical health advocate for others. He has thorough understanding and appreciation of both the allopathic and alternative therapy worlds. His knowledge of all things health-related from nutrition to diet to medicines to ailments and treatment options is unmatched. Today, he consults with patients from all wakes of life with a specialty for working with cancer and/or end-of-life patients and has even started his own NGO in India - Healing Vaidya ( While this role has become his mission, his education and professional background stem from the academic, entertainment and finance industries in the United States.
The Farther From Religion You Go, The Closer To Nature You

The Farther From Religion You Go, The Closer To Nature You Get

I don't say this as an atheist or as a believer but as someone exploring the land of our vast country. Whenever I saw a temple, a dargah, a church, I noticed that while the property itself was always immaculate, the surrounding areas were bereft of nature. Instead they were surrounded by retail establishments set up to satiate the needs and demands of the faithful; often, I’d see garbage piled up, generally comprising abandoned puja trays and the detritus of worship (among other things).
22/08/2016 2:36 PM IST
My Life Is Like A Jain Monk’s, But My Penance Is

My Life Is Like A Jain Monk’s, But My Penance Is Tougher

I was lucky that in my time spent with Jain monks, they did give me their attention. It was interesting to sit with them and see how my journey and theirs had so many parallels. We both had left our societal ties and commercial world in the pursuit of something greater. We had walked barefoot for countless miles, eating our meals between sunrise and sunset. But there was one drastic difference.
16/07/2016 9:31 PM IST
Muscle Milk, Egg Whites And A Pack Of

Muscle Milk, Egg Whites And A Pack Of Cigarettes

Gymming, affluence and image go hand in hand. But unlike most parts of the world where these are societal norms, in India it is a lifestyle many are striving for. So muddled in the image of bodybuilding and six-pack abs are Indian habits of countless cups of chai and cigarette after cigarette.
23/05/2016 8:14 AM IST
Public Places For Private

Public Places For Private Pleasures

As I ran past the line-up of nude buttocks of men having their daily bowel movement, I saw the tide pick up and the water come to shore. Countless men quickly stood up from their squat positions and ran back further onto the beach. While I had seen their backsides, I now enjoyed a full view of their front as well. It is then that I noticed something that took me by surprise. Numerous men were sporting erections...
26/04/2016 8:35 AM IST
The Perfect Death... And Finding The Perfect

The Perfect Death... And Finding The Perfect Life

My mother and I spent years discussing how we wanted to die. It was prompted largely by my father's death. While he technically died on a Saturday morning, his life was over Thursday afternoon earlier that week. He waved to my mother who stood in tears as she waved back watching the hospital team wheel him away for his bypass surgery. He told her he'd see her in a few hours, completely confident that he would return to see her smiling face.
05/01/2016 8:24 AM IST
Why Chennai Might Be The Right Place For Me To

Why Chennai Might Be The Right Place For Me To Live

As I sat on the first floor of the guest house in Chennai, looking outside my window and seeing the water levels rise, the number of cars travelling across the street go down and the stillness of the water now quickly becoming covered with moving trash, I paid particular attention to the locals walking by. There were smiles, there was laughing, there was friendship.
22/12/2015 8:20 AM IST