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Amit Nangia

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Amit Nangia is a learning and development professional with a background in finance and human resources that informs his commentaries on geopolitical and socioeconomic trends.
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Why I Wholeheartedly Support France’s Burkini Ban

It is important to remember that this ban isn't directed at women. It is actually meant to strike a blow at the patriarchal oppression of women. France wants no part in this systematic inequality and is also wary of the influence that these orthodox attitudes can have in pushing their own society back in time.
28/08/2016 1:42 PM IST
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Red Tape Is Keeping India From Glory At The Olympics Finishing Line

The biggest challenge that India must overcome is its own bureaucracy and sports administration. Much of the good work gets undone by a combination of ineptitude and apathy on the part of the officials entrusted with growing sports in the country. Many officials run the sports bodies like their personal fiefdom, sacrificing players' careers and interests at the altar of their own egos.
13/08/2016 11:19 PM IST
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America's Race Against Itself

The United States has a long history of emphasizing the value of personal freedom, liberty, and equality. It has also positioned itself as the champion of these values globally. However, beneath this surface, there are fissures. As much as America espouses freedom and liberty, it also cannot deny the legacy of exploitation and avarice that forms the foundation on which the country was built.
19/07/2016 12:11 AM IST
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Giving Would-Be Rapists A Taste Of Primal Fear

An environment of fear already exists, but only for women. The imbalance and fear psychosis are so severe that vast swathes of our public spaces are out of bounds for women. If men begin to experience unpleasant consequences for their misogyny, they are likely to adopt self-restraint.
25/05/2016 8:18 AM IST
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5 Reasons Why The IPL Is A Game-Changer For India

The Indian Premier League gets a lot of flak. Some say it is not real cricket, others say it's just a big carnival, an insult to the sport. There's just too much cricket these days they say. The purists lament that the IPL is killing test cricket. Then there are allegations (and some evidence too) of corruption. But the truth is that the IPL has been a great addition to India's landscape and has heralded the dawn of a new era.
24/05/2016 8:08 AM IST
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Here's A Reminder: Bharat Mata Is NOT A Religious Symbol

Respect for mothers is an integral part of Indian culture. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and all other communities virtually venerate the mother. To portray the country as the mother is to assign it maternal attributes like affection, nurturing, and fertility, which are completely religion neutral. Most Indian Muslims see this rationale and therefore have never had a problem saying these words. Those who do object to it, either incorrectly interpret the meaning of the slogan, or are being misguided by those with vested interests.
20/04/2016 8:17 AM IST
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Why India's First Gay Marriage Bureau Makes Perfect Sense

The recently set up gay marriage bureau in India is therefore significant. It taps the latent demand that exists within the gay and lesbian community. Since they do not have the same access to the social networks of matchmaking aunties, they can rely upon the marriage bureau to help find their life partners.
07/04/2016 8:29 AM IST
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State And Society Are The Pillars Of True Parity For India's Women

Regardless of the historical factors that might have been responsible for the rise of a heavily patriarchal society, there is now a need to free womanhood from these shackles. It will take considerable effort across institutions and individuals to make that happen, and that too only when the State also plays its part and creates the right conditions for social reform to take root.
14/03/2016 8:19 AM IST
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Dear Kanhaiya, Drop The Pretence Of Being A Student And Make A Real Difference

If politics is your real interest, which I suspect it is, then stop the pretence of being a student and join an organization like the INC, AAP or CPI(M) that will appreciate and nurture your ideas. As things stand, you're making a mockery of doctoral studies and you are actually perpetuating a big farce. Face the nation as a politician and don't hide behind the facade of being a student.
09/03/2016 8:29 AM IST
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Budget 2016: A Compelling Narrative Of Political Astuteness And Long-Term Thinking

While most analysts may not have seen much to cheer at, when the individual pieces are taken together Budget 2016 tells a compelling story. With the limited options available to it, given upcoming state elections and pressure from the Opposition, the NDA government has presented a very solid, pragmatic, and far-sighted Budget, and not a series of ad-hoc and knee jerk reactions to pressures and temptation, as has often been the case.
05/03/2016 8:18 AM IST
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How The South Asian Games 2016 Reflect Growth Paths Of India, Pakistan And Sri Lanka

The standard of sports in a country is a useful indicator to gauge its population's overall health, prosperity, and access to resources. Building a champion sportsperson requires talent to be nurtured with high-quality coaching, facilities and opportunities. Women also contribute to medal tallies and societies where women are empowered and free, naturally demonstrate superior sporting performance as well.
22/02/2016 9:07 AM IST
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Why ‘The Independent' Didn't Change Kolkata To Calcutta

The Independent's decision to revert to using Bombay had nothing to do with British colonialism. It was driven by its India-born editor's stand on the political issues prevailing in the country of his birth. This is a remarkable development. An individual has attempted to reverse a sequence of events that the British government did not interfere with! It is also interesting to note that Mr Rajan has chosen to remain silent about his city of birth, Calcutta, which was renamed Kolkata.
21/02/2016 9:10 AM IST