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Pigs: Mirrors Of Humanity Through The

Pigs: Mirrors Of Humanity Through The Ages

In Western literature and popular culture, pigs are everywhere--in proverbs, legends, children's stories, novels. They appear as images of disgust, and warnings against greed, but also as comical, naïve, scheming, ingenious--heroic, even. What is it that so fascinates us about these ungainly, muck-loving creatures?
11/03/2016 8:07 AM IST
A 5-Point Checklist For Running A Blog That

A 5-Point Checklist For Running A Blog That Matters

Blogging could be that one thing you're really good at. It may also be that cathartic outlet that channels your creative energies in a beautifully structured manner. Perhaps it calms your nerves and helps make you a better person (whatever that means)! But that, I'm afraid, is not good enough to catapult your much cherished blog to the heights you want it to reach.
30/12/2015 8:15 AM IST
Busted: 5 Myths About

Busted: 5 Myths About Start-Ups

It takes immense courage, passion, hard work and vision to create a start-up venture. But if you want your business to be successful, you have to give yourself a reality check and shed five common myths that lead to the downfall of many a start-up.
02/08/2015 8:13 AM IST