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Ameya Prabhu

Private equity entrepreneur, writer

Ameya is a private equity entrepreneur and a writer based in Mumbai with varied interests in history, world politics, music and cricket.
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Stale Spaghetti vs. A Sinful Burger: A Middle American Political Allegory

It is late and Joe hasn’t eaten properly the entire day. Jobs such as his don’t pay much and the only way to compensate is to work long hours. Tired, frustrated and hungry, Joe walks into the kitchen to grab something to eat. There is spaghetti in the fridge. Italian-American is his family’s staple diet after all. However, coming home after a long and frustrating day the spaghetti seems stale; a mediocre option, something he should feel comfortable with but doesn’t. Has the spaghetti gone bad, he wonders?
11/08/2016 8:40 AM IST