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Ameera Shah

Managing Director and CEO of Metropolis Healthcare Ltd.

Ms. Ameera Shah is the Managing Director and CEO of Metropolis Healthcare Ltd., a highly respected and multinational chain of diagnostic centres. Ms. Shah has evolved Metropolis from its single pathology laboratory status to a fully integrated multinational chain of 125 diagnostic centres and 800 collection centres across the globe. She has revolutionised the pathology industry from being a doctor-led practice to a professional corporate group in an extremely unregulated, competitive and fragmented market. Under her leadership, Metropolis has been the first to create a sustainable business model for pathology, the first to traverse in to emerging markets and the first to implement global standards of quality in all its processes and systems. Ms. Shah received a degree in Finance from The University of Texas at Austin and has also completed the prestigious Owner-President Management Program at Harvard Business School.
What India Can Do To Overcome Its TB

What India Can Do To Overcome Its TB Burden

A number of issues continue to plague TB control in India. If concrete measures are not taken today, India will soon be on a verge of an irreversible situation. The public-private partnership route has been successful in solving a few issues in India in various sectors, and it could prove to be a game changer in the health field as well.
27/03/2015 8:11 AM IST
Healthcare Industry: Budgetery Wants And

Healthcare Industry: Budgetery Wants And Needs

The Indian healthcare industry is growing rapidly yet the sector is in shambles. The sector, therefore, has high expectations from the Union Budget, both for reforms and expenditure.
23/02/2015 5:45 PM IST