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Aman Kaleem


Aman Kaleem is a filmmaker based in New Delhi. She loves to tell stories of women and their daily dilemmas. Her characters evolve as a reflection of women she has interacted with while growing up in ten different cities across India. Making films on women is her process of finding her voice through the collective narratives. Her last film <em>Eidiyaan</em> won numerous international and national awards. Her recent film <em>Shaadi, Sex, Aur Parivaar</em>, funded by Public Service Broadcasting Trust, explores the institution of marriage through the lens of three Indian brides.
How I Became (And Unbecame) A

How I Became (And Unbecame) A Slut-Shamer

As I grew older, I realized I was a woman shaming other women for exercising their choice. I was slut-shaming, and my gaze had become the gaze of the world. It made me face that after struggling with the morality of my world during my teen years, to my disbelief, I had become a misogynist of a particular kind.
11/02/2016 8:13 AM IST