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Akif Kichloo

Poet, Doctor of Medicine, Author of The Feeling May Remain. Follow Akif on Instagram @akifkichloo

Akif Kichloo is a Poet, Doctor, and Author of The Feeling May Remain, who lives in New York City, New York. A graduate of JU, Akif holds a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery. 

When he is not writing, clicking pictures or playing music, he is either busy looking after his patients or doing clinical research work in the field of anesthesiology. In his free time, Akif can be found making crazy faces and baby noises with his adorable nephew Adam. 

Akif Kichloo started writing at an early age, having contributed for publications like The Huffington Post and The Wire, he continues to write for various newspapers and magazines internationally. In addition, he was invited to speak at the prestigious TEDx stage at Christ University to present his talkFollow Your Confusion. 

Amidst the uncertainties of this amazing, terrible, magical, horrible, yet beautiful life, as he puts it, Akif Kichloo writes of love, grief, healing and self care, posting a couple of poems weekly to his various social media pages with a huge following of avid readers and poetry lovers from all over the world. You can follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest or Twitter @akifkichloo

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Don't Get Me Wrong, We Are All Monsters

know a man who is blind to the agony around us, completely incapable of understanding the needs of anyone except himself. But then I can either name him a narcissist and feel good about myself for a minute, or I can turn the same judgemental microscope towards myself and look inwards. How terrifying a suggestion: to look inwards.
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Fa ayna tadh haboon. It is very difficult to understand the depth of emotion behind these words in the Quran when God asks us with so much love and compassion, "Where are you going?" The concern with which we are asked about the direction we have taken, if heard and understood correctly, could so easily bring us back to the right path. Unfortunately the people of this world, especially the Muslims, have gone deaf.
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