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Ajitabh Das

Delhi based Writer

Ajitabh Das is a freelance writer. He currently works for a marketing team at SAP, a German software company. He holds an MBA from SKEMA Business School in Paris, a Masters in International Relations from the prestigious institute of Sciences Po in France and an MA in French Literature from Banaras Hindu University in India. His research focuses on international politics, economics, business culture and religion.

Why Technology and Thought Leadership Are Inextricably Linked

Digital transformation, the Internet of Things and other innovations will further revolutionize human surroundings. Meanwhile, thought leaders will help society prepare itself for -- and respond to -- the digital transformation.They will also help market leaders mould their research and development to make people-friendly products and services.
17/05/2016 12:54 PM IST
MONEY SHARMA via Getty Images

L'Affaire JNU Exposes The Intellectual Bankruptcy And Imagination Deficit Of The Indian Left

The impoverished quality of thought in JNU leaders comes from the lack of political wisdom in national left parties - the Communist Party of India (CPI) and Communist Party Marxist (CPM). They seem to have lost the political imagination to envision a society based upon left values and are absolutely clueless about re-inventing themselves. Instead of addressing constructive issues, they indulge in destructive ones like Afzal Guru and the independence of Kashmir.
03/03/2016 8:16 AM IST

Dear Arundhati Roy, Congrats, You've Taken Your Hypocrisy To New Lows

I read your piece "Why I Am Returning My Award" three times to understand if you really do have an authentic critique of the present government. Honestly, I struggled to find a constructive reason. The most telling statement I found was this: "I am very pleased to have found (from somewhere way back in my past) a National Award that I can return, because it allows me to be a part of a political movement." Let's question your reasoning: can a political movement (which you want to join), logically, exist in the world (in terms of political ideology) that you believe in?
18/11/2015 9:00 AM IST

Rites Over Reason: Why Indian Society Must Reconnect With The Core Values Of Religion

Recently, I visited my native district Deoghar, situated in Jharkhand, to celebrate Durga Puja. What surprised me was not the scale at which the festival was celebrated there, but the degree of strictness with which people still follow religious rituals. From the looks of it, the rites and ceremonies of worship, including animal sacrifices in the goddess's temple, have not changed for centuries. It made me think how strongly religion governs culture in our society.
03/11/2015 8:23 AM IST

UK Elections: Has Labour Lost The Plot For Good?

The results of the recent UK elections bring to light several interesting trends. The Tories won hands down with 330 seats, while Labour was reduced to 232 seats from 258. Some observers say that Labour lost because of their leader, Ed Miliband, who perhaps leaned a little too far to the left. Others go a step further and say that Left ideology has no room in today's electoral politics.
09/06/2015 12:23 PM IST
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Is Islam In Conflict With The West?

It is true that the presence of Islam challenges the fundamentals of democracy. This challenge could become a crisis as the Charlie Hebdo case shows. If French democracy wants to win, then it has to show flexibility, accommodation and inclusion of those who were left behind on the path of progress.
28/03/2015 8:14 AM IST
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Buying A Smartphone Was Bad For My Ego

In this era of new models of mobile phones, confessing an allegiance to an old trusty device brings a moment of dark comedy. Your colleague or friend might give you an icy stare, others might smile sarcastically or comment on how you aren't keeping up with the changing times. I, therefore, decided to replace my old phone with a new 'smart' one that respects the popular sentiments of the people around. This hints at a deeper narrative that we live in an era where society is bullied by market goodies.
10/03/2015 8:06 AM IST