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Ajit Joy

Lawyer and political activist

Ajit Joy a former IPS officer and UN official currently practices law and is a political activist based in Kerala.
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The Justice System Is Crying Out For Far Bigger Changes Than More Judges

The Chief Justice of India got somewhat emotional the other day. He made a fervent appeal for raising the number of judges in the country from 21,000 to 40,000--the only way, according to him, to tackle the mounting pendency in courts across the country. However, the lack of judges is not the only reason for the backlog of cases. In fact it is not even the most important reason for the huge pendency of cases or the glacial pace at which administration of justice moves in this country.
04/05/2016 8:17 AM IST

Why India Should Just Let The Italian Marines Go

The Enrica Lexie incident, in which two Italian marines stand accused of killing two Indian fishermen, seems to have grown into an irritating thorn in the relations between India and Italy. Given that the incident occurred four years back and there does not seem any possibility of near closure to the issue, it needs to be examined whether continuing with this case would be worthwhile to India.
18/01/2016 8:23 AM IST
MANJUNATH KIRAN via Getty Images

Why Modi's NGO Clampdown Is Bad For India

The first year of Modi Sarkar has been disastrous for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the country. Including Greenpeace, about 9000 have had their licences cancelled or suspended for violation of FCRA, the Act that regulates receipt of foreign contributions. The NGOs, meanwhile, are protesting that the action taken by the government has been highly selective and intended to promote development in a particular way. They allege that NGOs close to the ruling party (which also receive foreign contributions) have been left untouched.
02/06/2015 8:24 AM IST

Jayalalithaa Case: How 18 Years Of Toil Came To Nought

The 18 years of judicial work that finally resulted in the conviction of Jayalalithaa were not easy. The trial process that started in 1997 examined 258 witnesses and marked and examined 2366 documents from both the prosecution and defence; 1603 material objects were also taken into consideration. In 2003, the case was transferred from Tamil Nadu to Karnataka to ensure a fair trial away from the pressures of the AIADMK-led government.
12/05/2015 8:18 AM IST
Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Salman Khan Case: Does The Law Of The Land Work Differently For VIPs And Celebrities?

The question that people are asking after the verdict in the Salman Khan hit and run case is--why has the convict been granted bail that too within hours of sentencing him guilty. This is despite the fact that the verdict itself has taken 13 long years to come by. Does the law of the land work differently for VIPs and celebrities when compared to the common man?
07/05/2015 12:45 PM IST
PIUS UTOMI EKPEI via Getty Images

Democracy Triumphs In Nigeria: Former Dictator Returns As Elected President

The 2015 election results reflect what people hoped for but never expected. In my travels through Nigeria over the last four months on work, I had a chance to witness the lively festival-like celebration of the election campaigns of different parties. I also interacted with a wide range of Nigerians. Some strongly backed President Jonathan but most desired change.
15/04/2015 8:18 AM IST

Why The Government Should Not Appeal In Priya Pillai's Case

On 12 March, the Delhi High Court held that the Intelligence Bureau's (IB) "Look-Out-Circular" (LOC) based on which Greenpeace activist Priya Pillai was denied the opportunity to travel abroad was violative of her Constitutional right to travel and free speech. It would be prudent for the government to not appeal against the Delhi High Court order for three reasons.
23/03/2015 8:02 AM IST