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Ajay Jain

Travel writer & photographer, road-tripper, brews coffee

Ajay Jain is a travel writer, photographer, author of eight books, speaker, and a coffee brewer. He also runs the popular Kunzum Travel Café in New Delhi, India. He blogs at and can be contacted at
Ajay Jain

Planning To Propose? 7 Places In India To Ensure A Yes!

Take the lady - or the man (who says it is only a man's job to take the lead?) - to a locale where the senses can feel all that is beautiful and wonderful in this world. And that is when you should whisper - or shout - how you want your future together.
11/02/2015 8:06 AM IST
Ajay Jain

7 Reasons to Go Road Tripping in India

No matter how much you research for your trip, you will be offered temptations prompting you to change course. A hidden fort, a beautiful lake, apple plantations, a religious festival, marriages, local fairs--the more you ask around, the more to-dos will get added to your list.
01/01/2015 7:57 AM IST