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Aditya Karkera

Editor-in-Chief at The Young Post

Aditya Karkera is the Editor in Chief of <a href="" rel="nofollow">The Young Post</a>, the Director-General of YouthCorp, the, a contributing writer to the Times of India and the Times of Israel, one of the world's youngest TEDx curators, and an unshakeable proponent of the innate power of young people to sculpt the world around them.
Why Peace With Pakistan Should Be An Indian Priority In

Why Peace With Pakistan Should Be An Indian Priority In 2016

If India and Pakistan cannot be convinced to find common ground based on the richness of our collective history, perhaps it is prudent to find common ground based on the uncertainty of our collective future. In the coming decades, as our populations careen to ever greater heights, it is the wise Indian who will support actions that reduce the budgetary pressures of an unnecessary conflict.
18/12/2015 8:22 AM IST
Narendra Modi's Magic History

Narendra Modi's Magic History Paintbrush

Narendra Modi was elected to lead a nation beleaguered by poverty and corruption to new realms of prosperity and progress, not deliver speeches on Sardar Patel's legacy (something Modi seems desperate to call his own), propagate linguistic chauvinism by replacing German with Sanskrit in government schools, or worsen India's communal equilibrium.
18/09/2015 8:27 AM IST
Modi Isn't Flawless, Best We Accept

Modi Isn't Flawless, Best We Accept It

In a previous article, I referred to Modi as India's best shot for growth while simultaneously reminding the reader that there were many mistakes committed by his government. This is the definition of rational democratic thought - to be able to weigh our leaders for their merits and demerits and not blindly pledge allegiance to them for a few noteworthy merits while completely shutting our eyes off to any demerits. We don't live under an autocracy, and we certainly don't have a constitution that prohibits freedom of speech, so why do we allow ourselves to be bullied into not criticising the man whose actions will determine the fate of a billion Indians?
25/08/2015 8:21 AM IST
Why India Is Not Yet Ready For Gay

Why India Is Not Yet Ready For Gay Marriage

And that is why we won't have gay marriage in India soon - at least for another generation. Because we are blinded by the love of a civilisation we don't even understand. We march to protect ideas that our religions never prescribed, and we beat our chests to protest ideals that our religions embellished.
07/07/2015 8:27 AM IST
The Great Indian

The Great Indian Capitalist

It is important to understand that while Narendra Modi will arguably be the greatest Prime Minister of this decade, his government will be one of the worst. While Narendra Modi's vision will lead India to new realms of prosperity, his government's backwardness and conservatism will only pull his vision down into the mud.
29/05/2015 9:21 AM IST
Want To Win Kashmir? Get

Want To Win Kashmir? Get Cement

So the only fail proof plan to win Kashmir is to do the only thing Pakistan cannot do at all - proliferate prosperity on an unimaginable scale. In other words, for every dam Pakistan wants to build in Kashmir - build five, and for every school, ten. Pakistan cannot hope to keep up.
20/04/2015 8:12 AM IST
Our Democracy Needs Liberalism To

Our Democracy Needs Liberalism To Survive

#AadarshLiberal (or "ideal" liberal) has been one of India's most tweeted hashtags this past month. The title - a parody on Indian liberalism - claims that Indian liberals are unintelligent, unpatriotic, and, very specifically, anti-Hindu blokes who deserve nothing more than the worst expletives Twitter can dole out. It represents the tip of an iceberg of toxic conservatism and fanatical religious nationalism that threatens to plague the fragile nature of democracy not just in India, but in the world's largest continent as well.
03/04/2015 8:07 AM IST