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Aditi Sen

Historian of religion

I am a historian of religion based at Queen's University, Canada.
The Idea Of Ice

The Idea Of Ice Cream

It was not that ice cream was scarce, but it was something that needed to be <em>earned</em>. You couldn't just get it, like say a piece of <em>barfi</em> or <em>pedha</em> which was always there in the fridge or the kitchen. To get a small cup of vanilla ice cream, you had to either get good grades, or do housework, or demonstrate exemplary behaviour. Naturally, many of us didn't get any ice cream for months.
27/07/2015 12:10 AM IST
From The Lady In White To Bandage Bhoot: The Fantastic World of Urban

From The Lady In White To Bandage Bhoot: The Fantastic World of Urban Legends

First of all, the event in question always happened to a friend's friend. Of course, you would never have met anyone who had a direct experience of the event. Second, urban legends had a universal appeal. While some originated in the Western world, they could easily become an Indian story. Finally, a large chunk of them were cautionary tales that often took place within the cityscape. Now perhaps it's time to look at some of the common themes.
17/05/2015 8:29 AM IST
Of Sahibs and their Khidmatgars: Ghost Tales From The

Of Sahibs and their Khidmatgars: Ghost Tales From The Raj

To quote Ruskin Bond, "India is full of British ghosts - the ghosts of soldiers, adventurers, engineers, magistrates, memsahibs, their children, even their dogs." For example, it is believed that Warren Hastings haunts his residence in Kolkata. The ghost of Major Burton, a British officer killed during the 1857 mutiny, still hangs around the Brij Raj Bhavan Palace hotel in Kota.
23/02/2015 8:14 AM IST
How Bollywood Handles The Theme Of

How Bollywood Handles The Theme Of Incest

Incest and Bollywood! Really? Certainly not a theme we associate with our good-old masala movies. However, Bollywood has not exactly shielded away from the subject. Bollywood has talked very little about it, but there is enough to have a nuanced discussion on Bollywood's methods of handling the subject of incest.
16/01/2015 8:02 AM IST
Byomkesh Bakshy: Bollywood's First

Byomkesh Bakshy: Bollywood's First Detective

Name one famous detective from Bollywood. I am not talking about secret agents or cops, but good old-fashioned private detective like <em>Sherlock Holmes</em> or <em>Hercule Poirot</em>. I am yet to come up with a name.
13/01/2015 8:33 AM IST