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Achal Agrawal

PhD candidate in Applied Mathematics from University of Paris-Saclay

I have had a slightly strange life trajectory. Starting with deep interest in fundamental physics and the laws governing our universe, I completed my bachelors from Chennai Mathematical Institute, renowned for its undergraduate program in Mathematical Sciences. My wanderlust took me to Paris, where I joined Ecole Polytechnique, the best engineering school of France, to broaden my horizons. I specialized in the Economics of Innovation, obtaining my Masters in Network industries and Digital Economy. However, to really reach the frontier of innovation and research, I decided to pursue a PhD in Applied Mathematics. My research led me to contribute in some of the most important current technological challenges like 5G communications, and Smart Grids. While I have cris-crossed my way through various domains, I have always maintained a high level of excellence in all my endeavors. My international cultural experiences as well as varied pursuits and interests help me see problems through a unique prism. <br> <br> I share my ideas at
Buying Predator Drones From The US Could Cost India

Buying Predator Drones From The US Could Cost India Heavily

One of the highlights of Prime Minister Modi's latest US trip was the admission of India in the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR). Apart from being a stepping stone to NSG membership, it is important because it opens doors for various defence deals involving missile and drone technology. What is not really being highlighted though, is the fact that the US is planning to sell predator drones to India, as an immediate consequence of this deal. This could have huge consequences for India.
11/06/2016 8:41 AM IST
How Housewives Could Help Shape The Future Of

How Housewives Could Help Shape The Future Of India

The Indian middle class is rising. This rise brings with it the comfort of outsourcing household work fairly cheaply. That has left the home-maker with little to do once the kids grow up. The increasing popularity of Ekta Kapoor and daily soap operas in the past 15 years bears testimony to this fact. However, in the quiet corners of Vadodara, in Gujarat, an NGO has discovered the hidden social potential of housewives...
31/05/2016 8:18 AM IST
4 Reasons Why India Needs Raghuram

4 Reasons Why India Needs Raghuram Rajan

Recently, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, in all his wisdom, suggested that Raghuram Rajan is not the right RBI governor for India and should be "removed as early as possible". However, I think we'd be far worse off if Rajan did not get a second term.
17/05/2016 8:23 AM IST
A New ‘Caste' System: Remodelling Reservations On The Basis Of

A New ‘Caste' System: Remodelling Reservations On The Basis Of Wealth

Logically speaking, in a capitalist society, there is no better and more convenient way of measuring the unfairness of the system than wealth. The bottleneck of this seemingly ideal solution is the implementation of it. Who is going to find out the wealth of each and every family? One way to get around all the many complexities is to classify people based on their current occupation. Ironically, an idea similar to the caste system.
28/03/2016 8:15 AM IST