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Abhimanyu Singh

LL.M. Candidate at The Australian National University

I am an Indian citizen presently enrolled in the Masters of Laws (LL.M.) program specializing in International Law at The Australian National University. I have joined the program right after completing my joint undergraduate degree program, B.A., LL.B. (Honours), from National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi in June, 2015. I specialized in Economics and Political Science in the B.A. program and in International Law in the LL.B. (Honours) program at my previous institution. During my five year joint undergraduate program in India, I worked at various organizations across the country and beyond to gain first-hand experience in various fields of law and social sciences.
How Amit Shah's Arrogance Cost The

How Amit Shah's Arrogance Cost The BJP

It is high time for the BJP to recognise that the arrogant and iniquitous operations of Mr Shah have alienated many loyalists and damaged the BJP in regions where it had the potential to win with a decisive mandate. The BJP certainly won't stand a chance in the 2017 UP elections with this kind of attitude.
10/11/2015 8:38 AM IST