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Abhimanyu Chandra

Yale Charles P. Howland fellow

Abhimanyu Chandra is a Yale Charles P. Howland fellow. He has published in a variety of American and Indian outlets. He can be reached at
24 Hours With A Haryana Research Intellistudies via Getty Images

24 Hours With A Haryana Research Scholar

Over dinner I asked him what his current work entailed, what his day-to-day schedule was like. He looked deeply into his plate of rice and dal, not saying anything. I felt that perhaps he hadn't understood my question. But then he spoke. "I do some chores here and there, sleep, go to the department for a bit." I looked at his face closely, trying to detect any irony, or humility, or aloofness (in A Beautiful Mind sense!). I didn't see anything.
10/09/2015 8:42 AM IST
Our Common Duty After Charlie ASSOCIATED PRESS

Our Common Duty After <em>Charlie Hebdo</em>

We all need to join the business of not shutting up, and of not letting the contest of ideas be clipped; for it is simply not right, or sustainable, that a responsibility so great is having to be shouldered by so few, with consequences so fatal for them.
11/01/2015 8:32 AM IST