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Co-Founder & Head of Operations at HockyStick - premium Digital Marketing Agency. When not working or analyzing politics, he visits offbeat places and digs into folklore. He can be reached at
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6 Reasons Why The Porn Ban Makes No Sense

The recent government decision to ban porn sites has had a castrating effect on many people, yours truly included. As I write this, it is fifteen past midnight and in another laptop window, YouPorn is playing. I am in Hyderabad, and at present, the site is running unhindered here. Thanks to the government for small mercies! But is it true that porn is hurting our society? What is the evidence of that?
05/08/2015 8:20 AM IST

Why The Media Needs To Tone Down Underdog Success Stories

Seriously, it gave me a sledgehammer jolt when I read about the two brothers who cleared the recent IIT entrance exam against all odds. For many students in the same age bracket, along with awe and admiration, the news may have stirred some other emotions as well -- frustration, envy, jealousy or feelings of inferiority. The media is partly responsible for this...
27/06/2015 8:31 AM IST
SAJJAD HUSSAIN via Getty Images

I Wasn't A Staunch AAP Supporter, Until I Visited Ramlila Maidan

I didn't have a two-rupee coin for using the Badarpur Metro washroom. The doorkeeper looked at my Aam Aadmi Party cap and smiled, "Don't worry. Just pray that Kejriwal remains healthy always." I was returning from the swearing-in ceremony of Arvind Kejriwal and his Cabinet at Ramlila Maidan, along with my friend who had come all the way from Hyderabad to participate in the historic event.
21/02/2015 8:17 AM IST
STRDEL via Getty Images

Assam Adivasi Massacre: Untangling The Roots Of The Violence

There is a tendency to oversimplify such incidents in the media with headings such as "ethnic cleansing" or "Bodos versus Adivasis". These are dangerously lopsided views and they tend to escalate the tension even further. On analysis we find that, among other factors, the root cause for the recent massacre was essentially the struggle for land between the original inhabitants and supposed encroachers.
03/02/2015 8:17 AM IST