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Aarati Rao

Traveller, educator, sportsperson, environmentalist

The causes that Aarati Rao associates herself with are what define her. She works at the intersection of the Education, Sustainability, and the Social Enterprise space. An Avid traveler, Aarati has lived in and visited over 10 countries and appreciates new cultures. She was recently a Climate Change Ambassador to Antarctica as a part of the International Antarctica Expedition 2016 and is a Soul Volunteer to the Rio Para-Olympics 2016. She enjoys Ultimate Frisbee, old Hindi songs and Spanish cinema.
My Experiments With

My Experiments With Racism

Caught your attention, didn't I? It might be taboo to express racism in most countries, but in India it isn't. It's no coincidence
19/11/2016 3:56 PM IST
My Feminist Fight For A Front Seat On An Intercity

My Feminist Fight For A Front Seat On An Intercity Bus

As I booked an intercity bus from Bangalore to Hyderabad with "XYZ Travels" (no libel today!) for later tonight, I immediately got a phone call from the company. The man on the other end of the phone sounded rather perturbed. He shouted, "You have booked a seat next to gents, Madam!" The reason for his distress was that in spite of one "ladies' seat" being available I chose to book seat number 1, in the very front, which was in all probability going to be next to a man!
13/06/2016 8:31 AM IST