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Aakash Joshi

Reader, Writer, Performing artist

A MBA student and a lover of reading novels. I also find pleasure in writing down my thoughts on paper. <br> <br> I am an active blogger since the last 4 years. I have participated in various article writing competitions in elite colleges and was awarded the best writer by many of them. <br> <br> Some of my articles have been published in LokMarg and Youth Connect magazines.
When ‘Moving On' Can Hold You

When ‘Moving On' Can Hold You Back

We are a part of a fast-paced and dynamic ecosystem where our wishes are fulfilled through a mere touch of a smartphone screen. Our relationships are public property, to be "shared" with friends and strangers. Often times, love begins, progresses and even ends on social networking sites. We hardly have the time to think about what went wrong or how to make amends or learn from mistakes. The mantra is to "move on" and forget all about past experiences.
22/12/2015 2:43 PM IST
The Myth Of The Virgin

The Myth Of The Virgin Indian

We have embedded ourselves tightly into the visibility of life. We have diminished the "thinking" component of our existence. We have accepted a life which is seen by others rather than the one which is lived by us. We convince ourselves and make ourselves believe that we are good and innocent and we have done no wrong. Hence, in the bright light of day, in the eyes of society, we become what we are seen as -- the Virgin Indian.
15/11/2015 8:20 AM IST
Confessions Of A Cowardly

Confessions Of A Cowardly Man

I respect women. I actively participate in candlelight marches for rape victims. I write Facebook posts supporting women's empowerment and liberation. I project myself as a man of the changing world and try to embody its evolved approach towards women. I am a man who fears everything. Yet, when I introspect and look into the depths of my heart, I realise I don't believe enough in my own beliefs.
15/09/2015 8:04 AM IST
Patidar Protests: There's No Excuse For Gujaratis Attacking

Patidar Protests: There's No Excuse For Gujaratis Attacking Gujarat

Liquor is banned in my state, Gujarat. Why? Because it is the land of Mahatma Gandhi. Going by that logic, given that Gandhiji was a preacher of non-violence, shouldn't violence be banned in Gujarat as well? I've also been thinking recently about the fact that we think that a society, state or country is always <em>for</em> the people and not <em>of</em> the people. But more on that later. It was business as usual in Ahmedabad on 25 August, when chaos took over the everyday bustle of the city.
28/08/2015 8:19 AM IST