30/08/2015 8:48 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Podcast: Our Last Week's Anuvab Pal And Kunaal Roy Kapur Talk About Porn, Putin And The FTII



1. Stand-up vs. Acting

While in the audience at a stand-up show, Anuvab observes the level of heckling that a comedian faces. Kunaal, on the other hand, has to sit through hours of poking and prodding, while shooting a film, so that the makeup artists can make him look "different, while keeping him human". So, whose life is worse?

2. Freelancer Problems

A screenwriter accepts 11 screenplays at one go. A painter finishes 1100 paintings in one night. Freelancers always seem to be taking on more work than they can possibly manage at a particular moment. What is the philosophy that drives them?

3. Putin's Machismo

Russian authors have been tasked with rewording biographies of Vladimir Putin written by western authors and releasing them under the original biographer's name. If you find this distressing, you might not be alone. But, the larger question here, which Russia probably will ask, is, "Yeah we've done it. So? What will you do?"

4. Arresting FTII Students

The Pune police swoops down on the FTII campus, arresting protesting students at midnight. Is it okay to throw filmmakers in jail? Also, more importantly, how would Pune's policemen react if they were shown a Blue film... Krzysztof Kieslowski's Three Colors: Blue, that is!

5. When Porn Becomes Boring

Unrealistic stories and wishful writing is fast turning pornography into a big bore. Can Anuvab's screenwriting skills save the porn industry?

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