01/11/2015 8:22 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Podcast: My BIG Data is BIGger Than Yours, Damn Right!



The problem with Big Data

IT terminologies meet erotica in this short clip from Our Last Week's new episode, where Anuvab Pal and Kunaal Roy Kapur take a stand against Big Data. But, the bigger question really is - how do you punch an algorithm?

India - the land of asking for favours

A guy on a train demands seats from those with reserved tickets because he goes "up and down" a lot on a certain train. A lady on an airplane asks you to help her for "just a few seconds" so that she can open her bag; and before you know it, you're carrying all her suitcases. Kunaal & Anuvab have a simple conundrum: Why can't Indians come up with better arguments when they're asking for favours?

The Railway Diaries

Anuvab loves travelling by trains. He'd rather take a 30-hour long train journey over an hour-long flight. Why? For no apparent reason, he says. But, it's probably his fascination with discovering the real India, the sounds and smells of which can only be found on long-distance trains, as he explains in this short clip.

Rating human beings

Stand up and best actor/director awards are all fine. Now that Anuvab has received a five-star rating from his Uber driver, all he and Kunaal care about is how they can add more stars to their CV. Because, you know, modern life has reached a point where an algorithm now decides who you are as a human.

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