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Podcast: Musings On Indian LitFests, Weird YouTube Trends & Bollywood Film Sets


Indian LitFests

Anuvab's sick of the barrage of LitFests, and how pretentious they are. Kunaal was invited to speak at a Business School but says he has nothing to contribute because he has no real, insightful information to share with intelligent young minds. But well, he's honest about it and chooses not to ramble about intolerance in India like a speaker at the average LitFest.

Bollywood Movie Sets

Anuvab notices that most people on a Bollywood film set are, well, not doing anything, or holding up random objects, or screaming, "Silence!" and starting a Mexican Wave of sorts. Kunaal puts forward a little theory: Every object on the set comes with a person attached to it. Even when its an on-set, ahem, air blower.

Weird YouTube Trends

The duo dissects oddball YouTube genres that somehow amass a lot of popularity. Kunaal talks about a weird trend called "unboxing" - which is nothing but a video of someone slowly pulling apart product packaging - gingerly - to show the viewer what it's like to take the wrappers off a product. Of course, neither of them can wrap their heads around why this is popular.

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