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Podcast: Indian Weddings, New Year's Resolutions & School Reunions

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Indian weddings, Indian uncles

Who's the most important person at an Indian wedding? The bride? The groom? The parents? None of them. It's the uncle, the self-appointed head of all things wedding-related. Is the jalebi is not yet ready? Don't worry; the uncle will take care of it. What if an uncle misbehaves with the guests? That's why you have the "head uncle" keeping a close eye on the proceedings!

The problem with New Year's resolutions

You can't always control the factors that decide whether or not you will be able to follow your New Year's resolutions. Like the time Anuvab's wife resolved to practise yoga every day, but was thwarted by her yoga studio disappearing overnight.

Why we hate school reunions

Everybody hates school reunions, but Anuvab has more of a reason to: "The Grand Chairman of the Old Boys' Council", who heads his school's reunion committee, has decreed that "strict action will be taken against boys who have lost their ties."

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