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Podcast: Etiquette, Punctuality & Decorum - None of This is Really Our Thing

Popcorn in Theater Aisle
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Popcorn in Theater Aisle


The Late Republic

We Indians always seem to be in a rush to get somewhere. Why are we always late? "In India, you're already late when you wake up in the morning," says Kunaal, as the duo explains how often the extent to which we get delayed by is directly proportional to the importance of the person we're meeting.

Birthday blues

Celebrating a promotion is fine. Lauding someone's achievement also makes sense. But, Anuvab can't understand why birthdays - which, he says, mark nothing but the natural passage of time - are a reason to celebrate a person.

Our (lack of) cinema etiquette

From loud conversations on the phone to calling out to a clueless friend in the dark, our lack of cinema etiquette is legendary. The Our Last Week duo, however, are not having any more of it. Kunaal and Anuvab have a couple of very effective ideas to get people to stop talking during a movie - these may or may not involve death.

Unapologetic Indians

Why are we against the idea of saying sorry when we make a mistake in public? Anuvab says that it's not so much about being averse to apologising than it is about class, guilt and cowardice - the three factors that come in our way of tendering an apology. If you make a mistake in public, he says, it's much more tempting (and probably more effective) to just quietly and cowardly sneak away.

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