15/10/2015 8:20 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Podcast: Courting Trouble, Buying Libraries And Children Cheating On Parents



The (un)importance of casting directors

Court is in the news, and is on Anuvab & Kunaal's minds. While appreciating the authenticity and realism showcased in the film, they have a major conundrum to solve: How do you make a film of such calibre. The answer, Kunaal says, is not to hire a casting director. Why? Because a casting director is who will have Katrina portraying the role of an earthy, village belle.

Cheating in the modern age

Aziz Ansari has written a book called Modern Love. On the episode, the duo take the idea behind the book to its logical end - how does love in modern life affect relationships such as the one you share with your children? Well, it's simple. You may one day end up walking in on your children cheating on you with another set of parents.

The pressure of selling out

Practicality vs creativity - what would Anuvab do when a producer offers him a choice between making a film independently (read: spending an arm and a leg, and using up 30 years of his life) with real actors, or Irffan Khan's dates?

Buying a library

Anuvab explains how libraries have become nothing more than showpieces and how getting one made is as simple as choosing wall paint. But, then conundrums arise - Do you buy them by the square feet? Or is the rate decided according to the literary genius of the authors sitting on the racks?

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