02/12/2015 9:19 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Podcast: Conundrums On the Digital Age, Rock 'N' Roll Life And Award Wapsi



The Rock 'n' Roll Life

Kunaal has been travelling all over the country, shooting his films. And, he's made an important discovery - the rock 'n' roll has disappeared from an artist's rock 'n' roll life. So, there's no roasting an ox back at the hotel after a Rolling Stones concert; band members now just loaf about at the airport, drink orange juice and eat a sandwich.

Bollywood Bodyguards vs. Policemen

What happens when a Bollywood star's bodyguard pushes away a Mumbai police constable? Well, nothing apparently, as Anuvab recounts a recent incident where the policeman "agreed" to be pushed away. "Bollywoood is so big in the country, that even policemen are afraid," he says.

Dating at a Fundraiser

"Should we have dinner later and talk about people with no hands?" That's how you pick up a date at a fundraiser. Listen to Anuvab & Kunaal explain why NGO events are the best places to find a date. But, remember the risks - the person you find may be double timing you with someone at the NGO for cancer awareness.

Award wapsi

In this episode, Anuvab & Kunaal discuss the controversial award wapsi protests. Their point is simple - "When a writer returns cash, it's a serious situation." But, they don't quite get why the authors are returning the money. "Return the trophy, spend the money" - that's the most effective way to protest, they say.

Ownership in the Digital Age

The duo are back to their favourite topic - the modern world and its many conundrums. "In today's digital age, what does it mean to own anything?" You think you own that fancy smartphone, but do you really? You've just leased it for two years, after which you will have to buy another one, then another one... for the rest of your life. Our lives, as Anuvab explains, have become EMIs.

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