23/09/2015 8:12 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:25 AM IST

Podcast: Anuvab Pal & Kunaal Roy Kapur Muse About THAT Murder


1. Reporting a murder

"The murder? Eh, I don't watch these things, such sensational yellow journalism... wait, they found the guy who sold him the briefcase? What are you saying?! Shut up!" After a week of giving into their voyeuristic tendencies and closely following the Sheena Bora murder case, Anuvab & Kunaal have some great insights on the media and its coverage of the murder.

2. How to get away with a murder

Traffic cop: "Ey, stop!" Man (with an anglicised accent): "I'm so sorry officer, can you please excuse me this time." Traffic cop: "Ohhh sir! Please, please. Will you have tea? Coffee?" Does possessing a British accent make it easier for you to get away with crimes in India?

3. Mumbai builders - selling air?

A random real estate advertisement in Mumbai: "Book now! The prices are going up next week." But, what exactly are these builders selling? Anuvab & Kunaal believe that all you're buying is air, with the prices depending on the area - after all, Worli air just has to be more expensive than Borivali air, doesn't it?

4. Murder experts on TV

"She (Sheena) is either dead or alive." "This murder thing, I am 100% against it." Those are just two of the many "expert" comments from the TV news shows surrounding the Sheena Bora murder. Anuvab & Kunaal dissect these comments and wonder whether simply being alive is enough to guarantee you an expert spot on these debates.

5. Political speeches in India

Politician at a rally in rural India: "How many more schools do you guys need?" Public: "Such a boring, loser politician!" *Chiranjeevi enters stage* Public: *Goes crazy* "The public wants entertainment," says Anuvab. Which is why, Kunaal explains, so many actors are politicians - because they are entertaining. Are we far from a time when fire-eaters and jugglers will be common at political rallies?

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