Podcast: 2 Of Life's Most Basic Assumptions — Shattered!

This week, Anuvab Pal and Kunaal Roy Kapur become existentialists. Life itself has become a conundrum, what with the scrapping of most of our currency and Donald Trump emerging victorious in the US presidential elections. David Letterman had a segment on his show where he would display something weird — like a comedian in a fish tank, say — and ask the audience whether there was a word for something like that anywhere in the world. That's how the duo feels about the situation we have been put in. They wonder whether life itself is anything anymore after two fundamental assumptions about it have been shattered.

Shattered assumption 1: Money you earn legally will always be valid to buy the things that you need.

Suddenly, more than a billion people were told that two denominations of their currency were not valid anymore. And, not just any two denominations, the two that together account for well over 80% of the total cash holdings in the country. At a pharmacy, Kunaal sees people buying medication that they don't even need, for ailments they don't have— planning for the future, just in case they get these ailments.

Kunaal and Anuvab think the government has screwed over the little guy "a little bit", by ruining the sub-economy that used to run on cash. Everyone has cash at home — and they're not all bad people or black money hoarders. "The system asks for illegal cash!" A person has to get 20% in cash to buy a house. Blaming him for this is like blaming a poor person for his poverty.

Anuvab thinks that the best solution to remove black money is to do away with money—"Remove money, no more black and white." Money was a promise the government made to hard-working people. "If we cannot trust money, then do we need another system altogether?" asks Kunaal. The duo thinks of the viability of a barter system as an alternative. Anuvab wonders what he would have to give away to get tandoori chicken.

Kunaal wonders how the Mangalyaan is supposed to make him trust the money that has been printed by the government again. "You can print two dosas, 11 gymnasts and Leander Paes, the promise has been broken."

Shattered assumption 2: Our leaders are supposed to be better than us.

Donald Trump is the new President of the "free world." When a joke becomes reality, Anuvab doesn't know what's funny anymore.

We used to look at America to show us the right way, now what are we supposed to do? Imagine if there were suddenly no good films coming in from America and you were stuck with Bollywood. If the President of the USA is saying, "grab her p*** brother", then what is the difference between the guy in high school who kicked people in the balls and him? If nothing matters, and everyone is going to be the same no matter where they are, then Anuvab wonders why anyone would go to Yale and not just watch porn all day.

They end the episode with a list of things that make life worth living. Listen to the episode to find out what they are and much more.

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