23/06/2017 12:00 PM IST | Updated 24/09/2018 6:54 PM IST

7 Must-Have Attributes Of A GST Application Service Provider

They must help uncomplicate the new tax regimen for ordinary users.

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Application Service Providers or ASPs will have a major role to play in driving the adoption of technology by those filing GST returns. Their interface will help enterprises and customers to easily understand the complicated provisions of GST and ensure that they are filing their returns correctly and in a timely manner. Since GST is already so complicated, and with most vendors still struggling to understand its implications, it is important that the cloud and mobile interface developed by the ASPs help uncomplicate the new tax regimen.

Here are 7 attributes that an ASP should definitely have:

  1. An extremely easy to understand user interface that further simplifies GST. The audience should have no problem in understanding the difficult terms associated with GST and should be able to easily navigate through the various filing procedures.
  2. Since all the sensitive data of the users will be on the cloud, it is important that the developed interface incorporates the latest technology so that the user data is made impenetrable to cyber-attacks and any data loss is prevented.
  3. The software should essentially make provisions to integrate with existing ERP, Accounting System or E-commerce platforms, that are already established in the enterprise and there should be no need for data importing. This will reduce the load on the tax team and reduce the overall compliance challenge.
  4. The interface should establish efficient communication channels between the two involved parties so that mismatches can be reconciled easily and input tax credit can be availed without hitting roadblocks.
  5. The interface should be developed on a cloud infrastructure so that the subscribed enterprises and customers can regularly monitor their tax compliance status and mismatch reconciliation and collection of Input Tax Credit can be made on a real-time basis.
  6. The software should be economical for enterprises and vendors. GST will be paid even by small-time traders, so it is important that they can also afford the software and ensure 100% compliance.
  7. In the initial months, GST being a complicated topic will pose a lot of questions and complications on the implementation front. So, it is important that the ASPs have a support team that can be reached out to by the users for instant help and troubleshooting.

The ASPs have a big task in front of them if they wish to make the GST transition easy for enterprises and customers.